“ a compromise formula which includes a proposal to take top 20% students based on percentile ranking of respective boards for preparing the merit list”

How meaningless is this solution ?. Higher education in India will become the domain of the school toppers and Children of affluent parents and we wonder why half a million students leave India to study undergraduate courses overseas. Children who will never return to a country that shunned them.

Is this is what we call inclusive in RTE ?.

God Save India

Inclusive education does not mean that everyone must enter, or pass out from, an IIT. It only means that if you wanted to, you could have a shot at it. The child labourer is excluded because she can never dream of entering an IIT; she may absolutely hate IIT, but not trying to join an IIT should be her decision. Even if there is only one IIT train, every child must have access to the platform where the train comes. Of course, not everyone will get on to the train but everyone knows what to do to have a shot at the train. This is called inclusion in education. Everyone must go to school till class 12; those who work hard, and are willing to work harder still, will join an IIT. Others will, by choice, decide not to work that hard and become economists.

Shubhashis Gangopadhyay

All children are born equal and mindless politicians are trying to grade the children and youth of the nation and create a new Brahamanical Caste system in Education, which is pandering to the neo rich who can afford to send their children to elite private schools and Coaching schools.

"HRD Ministry of India wants to build castles of higher education on the bamboo scaffoldings of its schools" ~ Satish Jha

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"Do you support the effort of Government of India to introduce a Common Engineering Entrance Examination scrapping IIT-JEE which would eventually dilute the IIT Brand?"

Thursday, July 5, 2012

395 - Minutes of IITMAA Exec Committee meeting on JEE

Dear Alumnus / na,

Greetings from IITMAA.

Please find below the extract of the Minutes of IITMAA’s Executive Committee, which was held on 16th June 2012 pertaining to discussions on IIT-JEE and the proposed modifications to the same.

Warm Regards,

IIT Madras Alumni Association



4. Discussion on JEE by Prof.Sriram:

Our alumnus Prof.Sriram who is currently Dean (Admin.) of IIT Madras who had been invited specially to address the concerns of Executive Committee Members informed them of the various facts regarding the issue of JEE being replaced by a single exam and also clarified the official stand of the Institute to all the members present. 

He mentioned:

·        That JEE as a model had worked well but also had several challenges, which had to be addressed.
·        Some of the students coming through JEE were only comfortable with multiple-choice answers and had difficulty in describing or proving the answer in a detailed narrative format.
·        With the increase in number of students attempting JEE, the institutes were finding it difficult to manage the exam.
·        Therefore the faculty of IIT Madras had felt the need for change and a committee of faculty members had discussed the issue thoroughly and suggested two options to bring about change.
·        The second of these two options is now being implemented.
·        The Ramasamy Committee was not thrust down on IIT Madras and sufficient time was given to the administration to review the findings of the committee.
·        The Institute is therefore happy with the change and does not feel it is a threat to the autonomy to the Institute.
·        The proposed system will comprise of two exams namely JEE Main & JEE Advanced.
·        Administration of the exams by CBSE will not affect the quality since the paper (JEE Advanced) would be set only by IIT faculty.
·        The +2 marks is only a gateway for entry and will in no way dilute the quality of students entering IIT Madras. 
·        The new system will be reviewed after two years of implementation and any fine-tuning required will then be carried out.

The Executive Committee Members of IITMAA were reassured by Prof.Sriram who mentioned that they need not worry since the institute would never compromise on quality. The members then thanked Prof.Sriram  for having attended the meeting and clarifying their doubts.

S/d True Copy
IIT Madras Alumni Association