“ a compromise formula which includes a proposal to take top 20% students based on percentile ranking of respective boards for preparing the merit list”

How meaningless is this solution ?. Higher education in India will become the domain of the school toppers and Children of affluent parents and we wonder why half a million students leave India to study undergraduate courses overseas. Children who will never return to a country that shunned them.

Is this is what we call inclusive in RTE ?.

God Save India

Inclusive education does not mean that everyone must enter, or pass out from, an IIT. It only means that if you wanted to, you could have a shot at it. The child labourer is excluded because she can never dream of entering an IIT; she may absolutely hate IIT, but not trying to join an IIT should be her decision. Even if there is only one IIT train, every child must have access to the platform where the train comes. Of course, not everyone will get on to the train but everyone knows what to do to have a shot at the train. This is called inclusion in education. Everyone must go to school till class 12; those who work hard, and are willing to work harder still, will join an IIT. Others will, by choice, decide not to work that hard and become economists.

Shubhashis Gangopadhyay

All children are born equal and mindless politicians are trying to grade the children and youth of the nation and create a new Brahamanical Caste system in Education, which is pandering to the neo rich who can afford to send their children to elite private schools and Coaching schools.

"HRD Ministry of India wants to build castles of higher education on the bamboo scaffoldings of its schools" ~ Satish Jha

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"Do you support the effort of Government of India to introduce a Common Engineering Entrance Examination scrapping IIT-JEE which would eventually dilute the IIT Brand?"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

277 - CET issue: PM to meet IIT Federation tomorrow - ZEE News

CET issue: PM to meet IIT Federation tomorrow

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Responding to the request of the Faculty Federation and Alumni Associations of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) to intervene on the proposed Common Entrance Test (CET) issue, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will now meet them at 4 pm on Thursday.

The meeting is taking place after the revolt against the proposed CET by the Union Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry by IIT-Kanpur professors who sought "direct and immediate intervention" of PM to settle the issue.

A letter was earlier written to the PM by a group of professors, known as the Faculty Forum.

Pointing out that in matters like this the Academic Senate was supreme, Prime Minister was urged to intervene and postpone the contentious changes in the format of the Joint Entrance Examiantion (JEE)-2013.

Any "unnecessary meddling" with the current format of entrance exams could seriously jeopardise the prestige and standing of the IITs "respected across the world", the faculty members said and have cautioned that such steps would also bring the ministry and academicians on the brink of an unsavoury face-off
The Faculty Forum has opined that by doing away with the AIEEE, NIT, IIT-JEE and changing the exam format to a single CET, engineering aspirants would be burdened with pressure and tension. 
Urging the Prime Minister to use his "good offices" to thrash out the contentious issue at the earliest, IIT-Kanpur has also asked the prime minister to order cancellation of the proposed CET format that the HRD ministry is likely to implement. 
The IIT-Kanpur virtually revolted against the HRD ministry's move for a common entrance test and announced that it would hold its own entrance test from 2013. 

Soon after Kanpur raised the banner of revolt, IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay also dropped enough hints that they too would go the Kanpur way. There is a growing sentiment against the CET proposal, many in the IIT faculty feel.

The IIT-Kanpur is upset with the ministry's decision to merge IIT Joint Entrance Exam (IIT-JEE) with the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) and the 210-member senate of IIT-Kanpur has passed a resolution rejecting the new format.

In a resolution moved and voted by the senate, it was said that the recent "IIT Council proposal on admissions to IITs is academically and methodically unsound and in violation of the Institutes of Technology Act (1961) and IIT Kanpur Ordinances (Ordinance 3.2 (Admissions)."

First Published: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 12:42

Leaders in India can make a horse out of a donkey, but they are experts in turning a horse in to a donkey. Mr. Kapil Sibal has proved that he is no match for others. Any fool would know that the road for entrering the portals of IIT starts immediately after class X, if not much early. By keeping 2013 as sanctimonious, he is applying lot of pressure on the students, lecturers and the parents. The cut off of 50,000 being eligible for valuation of the advanced paper is very much against natural justice and equity. The very purpose of whole drama is to reduce the prominence of IITs and pave the way for foreign universities. The real problem is that Government is not in a position to fund the IITs and wants to disown. They have chalked out a well archestrated strategy by reducing the importance of IITs. Even if the government wants to go ahead with the proposed CET, it can do so from 2014. This all shows that there is a method in this madness.

bunty - bhubaneshwar
By opening so many new IIT has already hampered the previos image of existing IITS. Preparation For IIT is totally different to that of school exams. Now making class 12 th result as a base to get enter in IIT is just giving boost to private schools. Exams for IIT should be conducted separetely otherwise it will jeoparadize the standard of IIT.

rahul - ahmedabad
kapil sibbal doing dirty experiment with the present system without concerning with the expert.he is only seeing the foreign system and ignor the indian education system .the blind decision taken by kapil sibbal

Rajnikant Sinha - Varanasi
Simply reject the HRD ministry proposal, because it is too complicated to make a strategy for ion of an aspirant.

yogesh - Delhi
Best move from IITs thsi should not be implemented.Keep IITS aside from other engineering colleges.
amit - hyderadad
nice move by alumni
mukul gaur - delhi
first excess reservation then excessive load of students over the current infrastructure and now CET...what govt. is trying to pursue-to kill the already thriving Indian education.Had Oxfoord ,M.I.T.,cambridge given reservation to any person even when the condition and conflicts between black and white were more severe than the conflicts prevailing in Indian people.Why govt. dont understand that to remove social backwardness we first need to remove economic backwardness or it is the key of transforming Indian again in to a gloden bird and for it we need excellence in education not reservation or murder of talents
Raj - Bangalore
Why should IIT be diluted? If there are brilliant students with higher IQ, let them have a slot to aspire for. If HRD wants to extend education, let them expand Regional Engineering Colleges. If there is something with platinum value, let it remain so, why all should be silver, or plastic?!
rigved - calicut
i dont understand why parents and students are against single exam for all seats in the country.u are talking about getting only one chance in an year and hence the burden and stress.but just see the number of seats,lakhs of seats are available if single exam is conducted.if u dont qualify u can be sure u didnt put enough efforts to get at least one of those lakhs of seats.all exams,interviews are that one day game only,even the boards in tenth and twelfth standard.that particular day,those 3 hours,thats it.u didnt get through, wrtite it next time.those people/parents who are opposing single exam should take into account app form fees,travel and stay cost for each exam their child writes.usually people appear for 4-5 exams for sure.and if that student doesnt get through same exercise will be repeated next year,then next year,till he gets through.board marks inculded in the merit list is a different issue.let there be an IIT JEE which everybody should write.prepare a merit list.it will run into lakhs.if somebody is not in the list of lakhs.....appear once more if DETERMINED.
sunny - mumbai
This can help in increasing the level of education in India.

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vivek - jhansi
Students are very happy with exam pattern till 2012 and did`t want any change because in CET there is big drawback that first inclusion of 12 marks and second is that if a student fail to give his best in CET then he don`t have any other chance to do better in other exam earlier student have two main exam JEE and AIEEE in which they have two chance to give her best but from conducting of ISEET will finish this all so prime ministre or mhrd shoul stop this all.They said that this would remove stress from student but they are very very wrong this would develop huge pressure in student by knowing that he or she have only one exam in which he or she have to give best.

GK Malhotra - Noida
In the name of reducing the stress and pressure on the students, we will torpedo the aspirations as students will have a chance only. As a sequel, the stress, pressure & anxiety will increase tremendously both for the students and their parents. This would, therefore, counter productive to change the present system

R RANJAN - Ahmednagar
Excwllant move by the IITians & its alluminis. The effort of spoiling the image of such a prestigious Institute must be stopped. Every parent knows about the capability of their wards. What is the fun if I know that my son is just capable to get admission in a normal engg college, but he has to prepare and appear for an entrance test for which paper will be set by IIT. It is a wasteful effort. Because of any unavoidable cercumstances , if a child is not able to appear for the entrance exam, complete one year is wasted for him. WHAT A PATHETIC SITUATION this minister is creating for the childrem.