“ a compromise formula which includes a proposal to take top 20% students based on percentile ranking of respective boards for preparing the merit list”

How meaningless is this solution ?. Higher education in India will become the domain of the school toppers and Children of affluent parents and we wonder why half a million students leave India to study undergraduate courses overseas. Children who will never return to a country that shunned them.

Is this is what we call inclusive in RTE ?.

God Save India

Inclusive education does not mean that everyone must enter, or pass out from, an IIT. It only means that if you wanted to, you could have a shot at it. The child labourer is excluded because she can never dream of entering an IIT; she may absolutely hate IIT, but not trying to join an IIT should be her decision. Even if there is only one IIT train, every child must have access to the platform where the train comes. Of course, not everyone will get on to the train but everyone knows what to do to have a shot at the train. This is called inclusion in education. Everyone must go to school till class 12; those who work hard, and are willing to work harder still, will join an IIT. Others will, by choice, decide not to work that hard and become economists.

Shubhashis Gangopadhyay

All children are born equal and mindless politicians are trying to grade the children and youth of the nation and create a new Brahamanical Caste system in Education, which is pandering to the neo rich who can afford to send their children to elite private schools and Coaching schools.

"HRD Ministry of India wants to build castles of higher education on the bamboo scaffoldings of its schools" ~ Satish Jha

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"Do you support the effort of Government of India to introduce a Common Engineering Entrance Examination scrapping IIT-JEE which would eventually dilute the IIT Brand?"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

18 - Save IIT Jee Petition

From: Ram Krishnaswamy
Date: Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 1:28 PM
Save IIT JEE Petition

If you have not seen or signed this petition we created in April 2010 please read it now and sign it for what it is worth to protest against ISEET that will be controlled by the Ministry and we know what happens when Govt Depts control anything..Seats in IITs could be up for sale.

 Pass it around to family and friends and members of the public and get them to endorse the petition if they believe in it.


On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 2:41 PM, Chandra Jain wrote:

Here is a very well drafted petition by some Alumni, mainly IITM group.

As we were discussing last night, we need to start a similar campaign headed by our leading corporates - we need to add a para about placement of fresh graduates in corporates & also admission to Graduate courses in top engineering & technical universities - endorsement of petition by IITian deans from around the world would help.

Chandra k Jain
From: ramakant gupta
Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2012 8:23 PM
Petition is fine, but it will be prudent if we understand the modification proposed by the authorities first. What I have read in some news papers is that the Government is planning to start common entrance test for all the engineering colleges, including IITs.

Perhaps this may not mean scraping the IITJEE!
Please correct me , if I am wrong.
Ramakant Gupta
From: Somnath Bharthi- IITD
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 22:01:40 +0530
Dear RK( Ramakant)

Thanks for sharing your understanding of the issue. The question which the Govt was obliged to answer before touching JEE was why to touch it in the first place. Committees after committees were kept on getting formed till Minister got a committee to rhyme with what he wanted them to come out with.

Following are major issues with this unholy touch of JEE.

1. The control will go out of IITs on the quality of entrants to IITs.

2. One exam for all engineering colleges would be too vulnerable and can easily be rigged, more so if that does not get conducted/controlled by IITs.

3. One exam will anyway increase pressure on the students because missing/spoiling one exam means wastage of one full year.

4. The proposed test is an objective one which by no standard can come closer to a subjective test in testing the intelligence/brilliance of the students.

5. Giving weightage of class XII that too to the extent of 40% in the new format speaks of the rot. Hope you are aware that Right to Education has done away with examination altogether till class VIII.
Yesterday, Pravin came out with an excellent idea of getting across 1000 CEOs across the world requesting them to share with us what they feel on Govt proposal to do away with JEE in favor of single entrance test for all Engineering Colleges and how this will impact the quality of students entering into and coming out of IITs and if they will still look forward to engaging IITians in the same spirit and hope.

When Obama praises India for its education system it’s because of the tough examinations helping students sharpen their minds to the best of the possibilities. Here is Kapil Sibal who thinks otherwise.

Somnath Bharti, Advocate
Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court
Partner, Bharti & Associates (Advocates and Corporate Lawyers)

From: akshat shankar
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 00:53:28 +0530


I don't know much about law but saw an article which suggests that the proposed change can be challenged legally.


If that is found to be the case, we should think on exploring this option as well.

We may agree or disagree with the present form of JEE but isn't it true that the present proposal intends to take away autonomy from the IITs?

PS: This article is written by an IIT Kanpur professor. These are the links for his other blogs on the same subject



From: ramakant gupta
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 20:14:30 +0530
To: Somnath Bharthi- IITD

Dear Somnath,
The view points which you have mentioned are really well conceived and need consideration.
The common test will certainly a step towards generalization of education.
However there is no doubt that the top ranking students will like to join IITs and the rest will join other institutes. So, IITs will in any case get the best of the lot.
Some section of academicians feel that Class XII exams are not that bad in judging students and may be given weight age.
Now a days the cost of getting coaching has become very high and normally is a burden on the students. The entry to IITs thus becomes difficult for students who do not have much financial resources.
The aim could be to get students who are otherwise having high IQ, but do not have financial resources to get into premier institutes.
So it is a matter of priorities,debates and finding suitable answers to the issue.
People who are in the academic field may know better.
These are my open thoughts and please do not take it seriously.
With best wishes